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Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

The Gardens at Pillar and Post

Pillar and Post rocks with waterfall

The location

A prestigious hotel inspired by the past.

Set in the heritage district of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Pillar and Post is a vintage hotel unlike any other. The old-world charm of the town is reflected in the decor and architecture of the hotel.

Jackson Pond was approached by a local landscape firm that lacked the skills required to build the expansive pond in the gardens across the road from the hotel.

The Vision & Design

Merging Monet’s Giverny gardens with Niagara.

The gardens take direct inspiration from French impressionist painter Claude Monet’s gardens outside of Paris in Giverny, France. A large waterfall, mimicking the roar of the nearby Niagara Falls, sits next to a boardwalk for visitors and guests to admire.

The 75’ x 150’ pond, featuring over 500 tonnes of granite rock, is the centrepiece of the design. Panoramic views of the pond are available from all around the garden. As a premier wedding venue, the goal was to have many backdrops for wedding parties to capture the perfect photos within the gardens and next to the water.

Pillar and Post pond and green bridge

Key Design Features

Two Large Wetland Filters
These filters help to naturally keep the water in the pond clean and healthy.
Pillar and Post pond with green bridge
Extensive Underwater Lighting
90 underwater lights add drama to the evening, making this a destination for all hours.
Pillar and Post rock waterfall and wood bridge
Waterfall Boardwalk
Evoking the rushing water of Niagara Falls, a massive waterfall accessible by boardwalk is the ideal backdrop for photos.

The Results

Adding new meaning to “destination wedding.”

The Gardens at Pillar and Post solidify the hotel, spa and grounds as a top-tier wedding destination in Southern Ontario. Thousands of visitors flock to enjoy the gardens year-round. Next time you’re in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, be sure to tour The Gardens at Pillar and Post.

Pillar and Post pond with green boat


This property was recognized for its excellence by Landscape Ontario.


The Pond is a main feature in the Pillar and Post’s new 3-acre botanical gardens designed with inspiration from the Monet Gardens in Giverny, France. The 450-cubic-meter pond features a 12-foot wide waterfall and 2 pedestrian bridges offering inspiring views and sounds.

Preliminary designs of the pond featured a kidney bean shape design with two island features. Jackson Pond’s expertise in design and construction modified the initial design to create a fuller and operationally efficient design with the addition of two wetland areas to assist filtration and improving the feel of naturally flowing water. At the base of the waterfall, water cascades gently under a curved pedestrian bridge and over a rock formation inspired by the fallen rock at the base of the famous Niagara Falls.

Now fully open to the public and operational, the Gardens houses multiple wedding ceremonies every weekend. The serene pond and waterfall will serve as a memorable backdrop for decades to come.

— Joe Murray, Project Manager, Lais Hotel Properties Limited
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