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Burlington, Ontario

Entertainment Haven

The Vision

A place for nature, family, and friends.

This Burlington homeowner asked our team to bring the feeling of the Muskoka region to their backyard garden, complete with a natural water feature that they could swim in with family and friends.

The Design

With room to entertain.

This naturally filtered 25’ x 35’ pond and waterfall design features 3’ and 6’ deep swimming sections, finished with a flagstone bottom.

Key Design Features

Flagstone Bottom and Stone Steps
Flagstone completes this feature’s natural appearance at its bottom, with steps offering easy access to the water.
Natural Wetland Filter and Waterfall
Water is naturally filtered using the wetland's plant life, improving water quality and cleanliness. The water is then soothingly recirculated in the pond via a waterfall.
Discreet Intake Bay
An intake bay is discreetly integrated into the design, keeping the koi fish safe and the water surface clean.

The Results

A year-round gathering space

Thoughtfully nestled in the backyard, the swimming pond and waterfall act as the yard’s showpiece, with an open entertaining area inviting the client’s family and friends to come together throughout the year.

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