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Oakville, Ontario

Small Space, Big Statement

The Vision

Reimagine a cozy backyard.

This Oakville couple wished to rejuvenate their suburban backyard and spark a new love for outdoor living. With limited space in their cozy yard, we had to conceptualize a mighty design with a small footprint.

The Design

Big things come in small packages.

Taking the couple’s preferences into account, we designed their oasis. This two-foot-tall waterfall stands proudly with a five-foot stream adorned by natural granite stones and a lush garden.

Key Design Features

Space-Saving Pondless Design
The pondless waterfall brings the sights and sounds of a traditional waterfall – in a smaller package. The design brings a comforting ambiance, suitable for this intimate backyard.
Waterfall Lighting
Subtle light fixtures illuminate the waterfall, providing a calming viewing experience for late nights by the water.
Complementary Plant Life
Evergreens, flowerbeds, and potted plants adorn the water feature and patio, creating a picture-perfect scene.

The Results

An intimate retreat

This pondless waterfall transformed the couple’s backyard into an intimate outdoor living space – perfect for spending quality time together.

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