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From Concept to Reality: A Look at Jackson Pond’s Expert Design and Construction Process.

As a water feature designer, builder, and maintenance expert with over two decades of specialized experience, we wanted to give prospective ponderers a deep dive into how our team creates breathtaking water features to elevate their outdoor living.

Consulting for success.

At Jackson Pond, we prioritize open communication and prompt responses. When you contact our team via email or phone requesting a consultation, you can expect a speedy response within 24 working hours.

Before we get started, we always encourage you to explore the Idea Book as a starting point to gather inspiration for your water feature’s design and determine your preferences. Our initial phone conversation addresses your vision, specific requirements, and any questions you have about water feature design, construction, or maintenance. We always like to ask what inspired you to have a water feature and your intended use for the pond.

We invite you to visit our showroom to refine your ideas further and provide a visual understanding of the possibilities. Here, you can explore real-life water features similar to what you’re looking to bring to your property so that you can make well-informed decisions.

Planning out your vision.

Before diving into the design process, we plan out your project. We encourage clients to consider the placement on their property, the desired type of water feature, and its intended use.

Start by identifying where you will want to spend the most time by your water feature. Whether it's a backyard pond or another location, envision the viewpoints that matter to you most.

Consider the type of water feature you want. Are you looking for a pond, a swimming pond, a pondless waterfall, or another style? This decision will shape your new water feature's overall design and functionality.

Lastly, consider what types of aquatic plants you’d like and if you want fish in your pond. Plants act as natural filters, promoting a balanced ecosystem. Fish, on the other hand, not only make wonderful pets but also play a role in absorbing excess plants and debris. All our pond treatments are environmentally safe for plants, animals, and the ecosystem.

Designing to your preferences.

Once the design process begins, we work closely with you to establish your project's milestones, timelines, and objectives. This step ensures both parties clearly understand project expectations, that our designers can bring your vision to life, and that communication is transparent at every project phase.

“By walking you through the project process, we give you a complete understanding of the different possibilities for your water feature. This step lets us collaborate and find the best option to elevate your outdoor living space.

- Jackson Pond Designer

We embrace an artistic approach to water feature design and construction. Our talented builders and artists utilize natural rock formations to craft and dictate the water feature’s direction. While we discuss specific design elements and their locations, we trust our artists to complete the project with creativity and expertise.

Building to a standard. 

Building a water feature requires meticulous attention to detail and adherence to high-quality standards. That’s why Jackson Pond works with reputable suppliers to source the highest quality materials for your project, from stonework and plants to equipment and water treatments. We also leverage our construction crew’s training, expertise, and learnings from previous projects to ensure no details on your water feature are overlooked.

Clients often ask us how long it takes to build a pond or waterfall. The duration of construction varies from project to project, depending on the complexity. Whether it takes a day or several weeks, we commit to keeping you informed and staying on-site until the feature is complete and running beautifully.

We prioritize meeting and exceeding your expectations throughout the construction process. Our experienced team fine-tunes the slightest adjustments to ensure angles, viewpoints, and overall design align with your vision. This process is all part of our fine-tooth-comb quality control phase.

We recognize that our work occurs at your home throughout the construction phase. We maintain a clean and respectful workspace, cleaning up after ourselves to minimize disruption to your daily activities.

Following the construction phase, we follow up with an on-site maintenance seminar. We recognize that your water feature is a significant investment. We ensure everything runs smoothly and you are confident about your water feature's work. We also offer a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty protection plan when your project is paired with a full-season maintenance package.

Maintenance and upkeep made easy.

To help you keep up with upkeep, Jackson Pond offers a range of full-season maintenance packages. These routine services ensure your water feature is in tip-top shape so you can spend more time basking in its soothing beauty.

Contact us to get started.

Ready to elevate your backyard experience with your own little slice of pondside paradise? Contact us today for your consultation. Get started!

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