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With experience in all types, styles and sizes of water features, the goal of our dedicated service technicians is to exceed your expectations.

Looking to enhance?

Whether your feature is in need of proper filtration or aesthetic improvement, Jackson Pond can provide the proper solutions to overcome these challenges.

Having issues?

Are you disappointed in your water quality? Is your pump, filter or lights not working properly? Is your water feature not functioning properly? Jackson Pond’s experienced technicians can solve your issues.

Loosing water?

Are you concerned that you may be loosing water from your feature? Below are some common causes of water loss and possible solutions.


Evaporation occurs when water turns into vapour and escapes from your pond. The amount of water loss will vary according to the location of your water feature and the time of year. Ponds in our area of the world can expect to see 1” to 2” of water loss per week during the spring, summer and fall. The size and number of waterfalls in your water feature will also affect the amount of water loss. Splashing and moving water has greater exposure to the sun and with that comes additional evaporation. Hence, a water feature with a 20 foot stream and five feet of cascading waterfalls may lose as much as 2 inches or more every day!

If you are experiencing a loss of water at a more rapid rate, then you may have a leak. Follow the steps listed below so we can begin to eliminate the issue!

Stream and Waterfall Leaks

One of the first things you can do in order to stop a leak is to carefully inspect the edges of your stream and waterfall. Most leaks occur in this area, so this is the perfect place to start. Look for wet mulch, wet gravel and for muddy areas. If you find a wet spot, all you have to do is lift the liner up and then push some soil under the liner in order to raise the edge. By doing this, the water should no longer be able to escape up and over the liner and into the surrounding ground.


Another way water may be escaping from your water feature is by splashing. To fix this problem, all you have to do is adjust some of the rocks located under and around your waterfall. By redirecting and containing the water within the pond, your water loss should definitely decrease. However, if it doesn’t, there may be a bigger issue. Follow the Diagnosing Water Loss steps if you still notice a problem with water loss.

Diagnosing Water Loss

To diagnose your water loss, simply give us a call to discuss.

For over 10 years, Jackson Pond has provided the maintenance on our Mississauga pond and waterfall that they built for us. I couldn't be happier with their initial pond construction and well as their years of maintenance and service of the pond. ~ Ken P., Mississauga

I used to come home from work and turn on the television. Now I rush outside to relax by my pond and waterfall. The pond changed my life. ~ Susan B., Toronto

Cannot improve on perfection. ~ Raj G., Brampton

Communication was excellent- before, during and after the installation. Everyone listened and were open to our suggestions before and during the installation. ~ Alan L., Guelph

Every time we return fro walking our dog on the Caledon paths, he immediately goes and lays in the stream of our pondless waterfall to cool down. I think he loves the waterfall as much as we do. ~ Steve P., Caledon

I thought my husband was crazy when he said he wanted to have a pond and waterfall. Now that I see it, he was absolutely right! ~ Jane V., Burlington