Spring Pond Cleaning

Spring Pond Cleaning

Nature has a fantastic way of preparing her natural bodies of water for each new season by flooding waterways with fresh rains and melting snow, pushing old water out and refreshing it with new. In your water feature, this service needs to be provided manually on an annual basis to help maintain its balance. Our Spring Cleanings are professional, thorough, and will give your water feature the best start for the season ahead.

Your Spring Clean will be unique to match the needs of your one of a kind water feature. However, here is what a typical Spring Cleaning consists of:

  • Drain pond water to a low level so fish can be easily caught while causing them minimal stress. Fish are then transferred to tubs filled with aerated pond water.
  • Fully drain all water from the Feature
  • Trim back any overgrown plants and any browning plants to encourage new growth.
  • Remove any large debris from the pond by hand or with a net
  • Pressure wash and/or flush the water feature. This may be repeated multiple times if necessary.
  • Pressure wash and flush filtration equipment
  • Remove sludge and other debris that collects at the lowest point of the pond.
  • Pump water out of skimmer and clean out any debris that has collected.
  • Maintain edge treatments and hide exposed liner with available rocks
  • Check underwater lighting and service as needed
  • Make sure any rocks, plants, lights, air lines, etc. that may have been moved during the cleaning are replaced.
  • Fertilize water lilies with client’s fertilizer as necessary
  • Install and test filtration equipment and pumps
  • Refill water feature with enough fresh water so your fish can be properly added
  • Acclimate fish and re-introduce them to the water
  • Add detox as required
  • Deliver your requested products for the season

You will be responsible for finishing the filling process and plugging in the pump. This is simply done so that you are not charged to have our team wait until your feature is fully filled.


For over 10 years, Jackson Pond has provided the maintenance on our Mississauga pond and waterfall that they built for us. I couldn't be happier with their initial pond construction and well as their years of maintenance and service of the pond. ~ Ken P., Mississauga

I used to come home from work and turn on the television. Now I rush outside to relax by my pond and waterfall. The pond changed my life. ~ Susan B., Toronto

Cannot improve on perfection. ~ Raj G., Brampton

Communication was excellent- before, during and after the installation. Everyone listened and were open to our suggestions before and during the installation. ~ Alan L., Guelph

Every time we return from walking our dog on the Caledon paths, he immediately goes and lays in the stream of our pondless waterfall to cool down. I think he loves the waterfall as much as we do. ~ Steve P., Caledon

I thought my husband was crazy when he said he wanted to have a pond and waterfall. Now that I see it, he was absolutely right! ~ Jane V., Burlington