Top 5 Gifts for Pond Lovers

Top 5 Gifts for Pond Lovers

Gift Ideas for the Pond Enthusiast

Not sure what to get that pond lover, koi enthusiast, pond hobbyist or water gardener in your life? We understand that shopping for a pond enthusiast can be difficult, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the ins and outs of pond maintenance. To try to make your holiday shopping a bit easier, we’ve put together a list of the Top 5 Pond Gifts for this year.

To help with your holiday shopping, we’re offering FREE SHIPPING* on all of the products listed in our Top 5 Gifts for Pond Lovers! With the holidays being a bit different this year, Jackson Pond wanted to help keep you safe and get your gifts to those you may not be seeing in person this year. See below for more information on ordering.

Our Top 5 Gifts for Pond Lovers

Without further ado, here is our list of the Top 5 Gifts for the Pond Enthusiast in your life!

1. The Mini Pond Kit

  • This complete pond kit includes filter, pump, light and gravel
  • $269.98 plus HST
  • Free Shipping*

2. The IonGen System

  • Eliminates string algae easily and effectively
  • $509.98 plus HST
  • Free Shipping*

3. The 24″ Dessert Granite Patio Pond

  • A natural looking pond that can fit in a variety of locations
  • $279.98 plus HST
  • Free Shipping*

4. Faux Log Fish Cave

  • A safe place for fish to hide from predators
  • $160.98 plus HST
  • Free Shipping*

5. Smart Control Plug

  • Allows you to control devices with your Smartphone or Tablet
  • $69.98 plus HST
  • Free Shipping*

For the Pond Hobbyist- The Mini Pond Kit

This Mini Pond Kit comes with everything you need to create your own charming pond. The best part is you can easily set up this pond kit either indoors or outdoors! It’s great for offices, living rooms, balconies, bedrooms, gardens, the list goes on and on. Many pond lovers miss their water feature during the winter months, so having something that can be set up inside or brought inside during the winter is a real plus.

The Mini Pond Kit includes waterfall filter, an LED waterfall light and transformer, water pump with low-suction attachment, expanded clay grow media, black polished decorative gravel and mixed polished decorative gravel. The Mini Pond is 23.5″ wide and 10″ tall, allowing it to fit into a variety of spaces.

The possibilities with this kit are endless. Add plants, stones, driftwood or even fish! Our fellow contractor in Iowa, Just Add Water, got creative with their Mini Pond Kits adding small figurines, moss, and even legos! See if you can spot the dog going for a drink.

The Mini Pond Kit received a Ken seal of approval. Our favourite store guy chose to go a more natural look by adding a rock waterfall and some aquatic plants.

Ken the Pond Kit Expert

The Mini Pond Kit costs $269.98 plus HST and is included in our Free Shipping* offer.

For the Pond Maintenance Specialist – The IonGen System

Iogen System, Pond Algae Care

The IonGen System is the perfect gift for any pond enthusiast who has ever had to battle string algae. If you’ve heard your pond loving friend complain about a stringy green substance that seemed to be taking over their pond, it was probably string algae they were experiencing. Be their hero and get them the IonGen System.

The IonGen System works by ionizing the pond water, creating unfavourable conditions for string algae. There’s no weekly treatments, no water exchanges, no water testing; you simply set up the system and aside from a few changes to the settings throughout the season, you let the IonGen do its thing.

The IonGen System costs $509.98 plus HST and is included in our Free Shipping* offer.

For the Water Gardener- The Patio Pond

The Patio Pond is the perfect way to add the beauty of water to any setting. Its size allows it to fit in a variety of locations and its natural design enhances its surroundings.

Just like the Mini Pond Kit, everything is contained within the Patio Pond making it perfect for an indoor or outdoor setting. There are a variety of options that you can purchase separately to personalize your Patio Pond. A simple pump, aerator, spitter or a bamboo fountain can be added to circulate water. The Patio Pond located in our store, has a simple aerator set up which the fish and plants enjoy however for those looking for a bit more sound, a spitter or bamboo fountain would be the way to go.

We love giving gifts that have endless possibilities as it makes gift giving later a breeze. Give the Patio Pond now to your favourite water gardener and then gift a bamboo fountain at a later date! Come birthday time, gift them an aquatic plant or even a cute fish! If you have a few people having difficulty deciding what to get for your pond lover, just have everyone purchase separate items for the Patio Pond.

The granite coloured Patio Pond is 24″ wide and sits 12″ high and has a built in plant shelf. There are plumbing ports that makes it easy to hide cords and plumbing.

The 24″ Desert Granite Patio Pond costs $279.98 plus HST and is included in our Free Shipping* offer.

For the Koi Pond Enthusiast- The Faux Log Fish Cave

Faux Log, Koi Fish Cave

What about a gift for your Koi Pond friend? This Faux Log Fish Cave provides a safe place for fish to hide from predators and looks great while doing it.

The natural-looking faux wood design blends well into any pond. Add it to existing ponds, new ponds, or use as a decorative accent in the garden. The heavy-duty, poly-resin construction is built to last and stand up to the elements.

The Faux Log Fish Cave costs $160.98 plus HST and is included in our Free Shipping* offer.

For the Tech-Savvy Pond Lover – The Smart Control Plug

3 prong smart control plug

For the tech-savy pond lover, get them the Smart Control Plug. Utilizing a WIFI connection, this handy device allows you to control and monitor outdoor electronics from anywhere using your Smartphone or Tablet.

Your pond loving friend will be able to control their pumps, lights, fountains, really any yard decoration that plugs in. They’ll be able to set up dynamic scheduling to have their pump turn on automatically when they need it and can receive real-time energy consumption data. Furthermore, the device works with Alexa for easy voice control! Just take a look at the app!

Come winter time, the Smart Control Plug can still be utilized after water features are shut down. Use this handy device to turn on Christmas lights and displays! A gift that makes it so I don’t have to go into the cold to turn on my Christmas lights after I fail at setting my impossible electronic timer? Yes please!

Adequate wireless coverage is required for the Smart Control Plug to function and what can be controlled will be based upon the capabilities of the product. For instance, while you can turn any pump on or off and set it up on a schedule, you would only be able to control the flow of the pump if it is a variable speed pump with a smart control receiver. If you have any questions regarding what can and cannot be controlled, just give us a call!

The price for this handy device is $69.98 plus HST and is included in our Free Shipping* offer.

Free Shipping!

Traveling and visiting friends and family may be a bit difficult this holiday season and we understand that you still want loved ones to know you’re thinking of them. To try to help, Jackson Pond is offering FREE SHIPPING* on all of our listed Top 5 Gifts for the Pond Lover! Simply order and we’ll send your pond gift directly to the pond enthusiast in your life!

To order your pond gift either visit our store, give us a call, or send us an email! Order by December 7th, 2020 to guarantee delivery by December 25th, 2020**.

The Perfect Pond Gift

We understand that your loved one’s aquatic hobby isn’t always the easiest to buy for but we hope this list helps! We’ve covered the tech-savvy pond lover, the koi pond enthusiast, the water gardener and the pond hobbyist.

While these are our top 5 Favourite Gifts for a Pond Lover, there are obviously so many other pond gifts you can get the pond enthusiast in your life! Stop by our store and we’ll walk you through our other recommendations!

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