Our Promise

Why Jackson Pond?

We believe that everyone is naturally drawn to water. We believe that a water feature is a major investment. We believe that potential clients are concerned about finding a quality contractor to do the work in the time frame and budget agreed upon.

Since 2002 Jackson Ponds’ expertise has been water features, and this specific expertise shows in each and every one of our projects. Every client is equally important to us, and we pride ourselves on the creativity and experience we bring to each project. By allowing us to create a unique water feature for you, on time and on budget, we guarantee that we will exceed your expectations.

Our Guarantee

We at Jackson Pond want you to love your water feature. We believe that a water feature is a major investment and should be an integral part of the landscape for a long time. And we believe that the projects we create represent the highest quality workmanship in the industry.

For these reasons we offer a 3 year guarantee on all of our projects. The best in the industry.

Are you looking for an even better guarantee? By simply choosing any of our maintenance programs each season, we will extend your workmanship guarantee indefinitely. Now that’s peace of mind.

Our Construction Follow Up

We believe that having a Water Feature installed is a major investment and we know that you will want to care for your water feature as it was intended. However, we also realize that when the feature is first completed, the overwhelming nature of seeing it running means that the instructions our foreman will give you about the day-to-day operations of your new water feature are often forgotten. That is why, at no charge, Jackson Pond will schedule a follow up visit with you after you have spent some time with your water feature. Our goal is to help you learn about your water feature so that you maximize your enjoyment.

We have the hands of an artist…

For over 10 years, Jackson Pond has provided the maintenance on our Mississauga pond and waterfall that they built for us. I couldn't be happier with their initial pond construction and well as their years of maintenance and service of the pond. ~ Ken P., Mississauga

I used to come home from work and turn on the television. Now I rush outside to relax by my pond and waterfall. The pond changed my life. ~ Susan B., Toronto

Cannot improve on perfection. ~ Raj G., Brampton

Communication was excellent- before, during and after the installation. Everyone listened and were open to our suggestions before and during the installation. ~ Alan L., Guelph

Every time we return from walking our dog on the Caledon paths, he immediately goes and lays in the stream of our pondless waterfall to cool down. I think he loves the waterfall as much as we do. ~ Steve P., Caledon

I thought my husband was crazy when he said he wanted to have a pond and waterfall. Now that I see it, he was absolutely right! ~ Jane V., Burlington