Outdoor Fountains

A Decorative Outdoor Fountain…

An outdoor fountain or patio pond adds a splash of water to your yard.

Available in a variety of styles, you’re sure to find one that suits your taste and budget. Butterflies and birds will enjoy the refreshment your water feature brings to the garden.

You’ll delight in the sights and sounds of nature that a outdoor fountain provides. Introducing the low maintenance Jackson Pond Decorative Water Features: unique and creative features for any outdoor living area.


Outdoor Fountains and Patio Ponds

decorative water features
Stacked Slate Spillway Wall
Spillway Bowl and Basin
Medium Scalloped Urn
Medium Stacked Slate Urn
Medium Rippled Urn
Pagoda Fountain
Mongolian Basalt Column

$4,995 each
Includes design and Installation

All Decorative Water Features include:
Fountain • Water Reservoir • Energy Efficient Pump • Pipe and Fittings • Mixed or Black River Stone • Design and Installation

Enhance Your Decorative Water Feature

Add a lighting kit or dosing system to your fountain or patio pond.

LED Lights – Do you envision sitting outside during the morning or evening hours enjoying your water feature? White LED water feature lights will extend the viewing times for your feature. Using a remote, colour lights provide an impressive range of colour options including white.

White Light Kit – $795 | Colour Light Kit – $1,795

Decorative Light Kit includes:

  • 3 @ 1 watt LED spotlights
  • Low voltage transformer
  • Low voltage cable

Faux Oak Stump Cover – A great way to hide electrical

Automatic Dosing System – The Automatic Dosing System accurately and consistently applies specially formulated water treatments to your water feature.

For over 10 years, Jackson Pond has provided the maintenance on our Mississauga pond and waterfall that they built for us. I couldn't be happier with their initial pond construction and well as their years of maintenance and service of the pond. ~ Ken P., Mississauga

I used to come home from work and turn on the television. Now I rush outside to relax by my pond and waterfall. The pond changed my life. ~ Susan B., Toronto

Cannot improve on perfection. ~ Raj G., Brampton

Communication was excellent- before, during and after the installation. Everyone listened and were open to our suggestions before and during the installation. ~ Alan L., Guelph

Every time we return from walking our dog on the Caledon paths, he immediately goes and lays in the stream of our pondless waterfall to cool down. I think he loves the waterfall as much as we do. ~ Steve P., Caledon

I thought my husband was crazy when he said he wanted to have a pond and waterfall. Now that I see it, he was absolutely right! ~ Jane V., Burlington