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Customer Service Professional- Entry Level


Jackson Pond is one of North American’s premiere Water Feature design, build and maintain companies. Established in 2002, Jackson Pond has grown to be #1 in Canada and #6 in North America.  At Jackson Pond we understand that a large part of one’s life is spent at work and we want to make sure this time is enjoyable and fun. While we do work hard, we do this enjoying  every minute of it. Our Culture is our people, and they drive our success. We are a workplace of talented individuals learning and working together, sharing in the rewards of our success.

Why work here? Why work with us?

  • You are important. People will depend on you as you will be an essential part of the team. You’re not expendable. You’re not just a number.
  • You will grow with us and be a part of something. This is the best moment for you to join our team. We’re small however we’re growing at an incredible rate. Grow with us. Learn with us. Be a part of something big.
  • You will create meaningful relationships with clients. They will call in and request you by name. They will trust you and your expertise and, of course, they will be sure to fill you in on what is happening in their personal lives- because that’s what friends do.
  • You will work with and beside dedicated individuals who are passionate about what they do. They are people you can relay on and who will relay on you.
  • You will enjoy a family environment. We’re a small group of people who have come together to create a warm, friendly culture. You’ll work with people who are welcoming and are guaranteed to make you laugh.
  • You will enhance the company. You will be able to come up with a new idea, build upon it, put it all together and then implement it.

A little bit about you:

  • Your teachers would describe you as an avid learner who enjoys being coached.
  • Your friends and coaches describe you as a ambitious person who sets goals and accomplishes them.
  • Previous employers praise you for your calmness in high-pressure situations.
  • As an employee you want to be in control of your career, progressing as you acquire new skills and understanding.

As a customer service professional you will master the art of providing superior customer service to homeowners and industry professionals. As you acquire new skills and experiences, your ability to lead others will increase.

Your compensation will be a competitive salary.


  • University or College graduate
  • 1-3 years successful customer service experience

Interested candidates may apply by sending your resume to and by completing a questionnaire by going to

We thank all interested candidates and will contact those that best suit our requirements.

Career at Jackson Pond


For over 10 years, Jackson Pond has provided the maintenance on our Mississauga pond and waterfall that they built for us. I couldn't be happier with their initial pond construction and well as their years of maintenance and service of the pond. ~ Ken P., Mississauga

I used to come home from work and turn on the television. Now I rush outside to relax by my pond and waterfall. The pond changed my life. ~ Susan B., Toronto

Cannot improve on perfection. ~ Raj G., Brampton

Communication was excellent- before, during and after the installation. Everyone listened and were open to our suggestions before and during the installation. ~ Alan L., Guelph

Every time we return fro walking our dog on the Caledon paths, he immediately goes and lays in the stream of our pondless waterfall to cool down. I think he loves the waterfall as much as we do. ~ Steve P., Caledon

I thought my husband was crazy when he said he wanted to have a pond and waterfall. Now that I see it, he was absolutely right! ~ Jane V., Burlington